Social Media

Social media has revolutionised the way people connect. Of course, people have always wanted to socialise and build relationships, but  modern web technology has engendered that desire.

“It’s more practical to think of social media as the use of the mundane, commonplace technology around us in the pursuit of a goal transcending that technology: fostering conversation and connection between people.”

Rick Levin, The Cluetrain Manifesto

Buzzwords & Hot Air

Social media can be approached with technology as the priority: “We need to be on Facebook and Pinterest because everybody else is – there we can engage our community.” But social media is now ubiquitous – you don’t have to flock to the big platforms and power up the vanity metrics. Often times, the people that matter are right there on your site, or giving you feedback via your call center. We see social media as a layer to nurture relationships with your customers and prospects; we don’t jump to the latest platform for the sake of it.

Everything Can Be Social

Since you can set up your own social network in a matter of minutes, with no coding skills, we feel that everything on the web can be social. We have experience in helping large brands gain better access to their audience, and in doing so made them more effective in customer feedback, content distribution and community curation.

Social Media is how it is now. There is no industry ‘too boring’ to enjoy the benefits of social media, and we can help the stories that matter to you reach the people who care. We can also help you to make them care about them even more.

We will make your business social:

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